Wm B.
Since getting my implants I can dine out again and order anything on the menu without pain and discomfort.  My wife is pretty happy about dining out again too.

We found Dr. Vaziri and his staff pleasant, thorough and professional.

Clermont, FL.

Bill Z.
“I have no idea if implants are for everybody, but for me they are a dental miracle!  I struggled with standard dentures for 10 years.  I couldn’t wait to get the out of my mouth.  Implants solved all of my problems.  They are truly miraculous.”
Leesburg, FL

Betty F.
“I had an infection.  I went to the doctor and they gave me medication for my ears.  I felt my infection was from my gums and I should see a dentist.  I saw Dr. Vaziri’s ad in the Daily Commercial “Leading Edge Dental” “Dentistry while you sleep” IV Sedation.

I was very nervous.  When I walked in their door it was as if I had a family.  Dr. Vaziri was so sweet.  He and his staff were very good about explaining to me what had to be done.  I didn’t think I could afford this but they helped me with financing options that they offered. I had all my treatment done under IV sedation.  Everything was painless.  I know have a beautiful white smile, they look like my very own. Thanks to all the girls in the office and to Dr. Vaziri for keeping me calm and treating me like family.  I now smile with pride and I can eat real food again without pain.”
Lake Panasoffkee, FL

Cheryl Y.
“I was going in to a scary experience.  I was expecting pain, embarrassment, humiliation and emotional turmoil.  What I received was a life changing experience.  I was surrounded by this utmost of professionals and truly knowledgeable people, who absolutely care deeply that you receive the right outcome.  I thank each and every person in Dr. Vaziri’s office for the wonderful experience, and your kindness.”

Eustis, FL

Daniel S.
“I am very happy with Dr. Vaziri and his staff; everyone is always very nice and friendly.  I am extremely happy with my smile and the work I received.”

The Villages, FL

Donna H.
“Having implants is the “Best thing I’ve done for myself.” I tell everyone how great it is not to use powder to secure my teeth after eating every meal. “It’s Wonderful.” I am such a baby and my husband couldn’t believe I was even considering the implants.  The staff and Dr. Vaziri made me feel comfortable and stayed by my side through the procedure.  If I could have this done, I believe anyone can.  I really recommend it to anyone who wears lower dentures.”

Groveland FL

Ron F.
“Sometimes we fail to listen to our teeth.  We delay seeking dental treatment because we feel the money could be spent better else where.  To others it is fear of the necessary treatment and a painful experience.

I had that attitude at one time.  It took seeing things through a childs eyes for me to experience a change of heart.  One of my grandchildren was sitting on my lap while I was reading a story.  All of a sudden he said to me, Grandpa, you have bad teeth.  For me, that was embarrassing and yet quite motivating.  By not taking care of my teeth I was not setting a good example for my grandchild. I visited several dentists, I was unimpressed and frustrated.  These other dentists wanted me to go here, there and everywhere for treatment.  Finally a recommendation from a neighbor turned me on to Dr. Vaziri and Leading Edge Dental.  Dr. Vaziri’s office was a one stop shop and get everything done in one place, which suited my needs. Dr. Vaziri was passionate and very knowledgeable about dentistry, and that made me feel comfortable.

Months later after numerous procedures being performed including 5 implants with bone grafting I discovered the investment toward my oral health was well worth it. Actually this was one of the first things I spent money on that actually improved my quality of life.”
Leesburg, FL

Jack C.
“I have suffered with teeth problems all of my adult life.  As result I have had several procedures over the years, all of which were to be the “final correction”, to my problems and none were. December 2002, after consulting with Dr. Vaziri and his recommendation of the mini implants as a method of securing my lower denture,  I agreed to the procedure and we stated the process that day, and now years later I can say my problem has been solved.  I am without problems eating, talking and have learned to enjoy life again.  This was the “BEST” dental decision I have ever made, I only wish this option was given years ago”
Lady Lake, FL

James L.
“The reason for this letter is to tell you how satisfied I am with my lower implants and denture.  Dr. Vaziri and staff were great.  I have been to many dentists but never had such a wonderful experience with the procedures.  I will recommend Leading Edge Dental and Dr. Vaziri to everyone I know”

Leesburg, FL

John W.
I want to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did for me.  Everything that was done, from the very first visit, was handled in a very professional and caring manner.  Your entire staff was always there for me and answered all of my questions with patience and care.”  Thanks again to all of you!!

Leesburg, FL

Joyce S.
Now I can eat what I want, worry free!

“I have been to many dentists regarding my lower denture and the pain I was having. Some said I would need major surgery. Others stated that there was absolutely nothing they could do. I had no bone to work with, so no improvement could be made to my denture. When I found Dr. Vaziri, he stated there was an implant procedure that would be just right for me. I was amazed. The procedure took 30 minutes, and Dr. Vaziri and his staff made me feel like family from the very beginning. They are caring and truly have the patient’s care at heart. I ate soft food that night and the next day I was back to my normal diet”

Lady Lake, FL.

Lois P.
“One of my happiest days was when Dr. Vaziri showed my new smile after having worn my teeth down and had chipped a couple.

I tell people about the procedure and how satisfied I’ve been with Dr. Vaziri and the ladies in the back”

Leesburg, FL

Nina H.
My experience was a wonderful one.  My before and after pictures were totally opposite.  You couldn’t even tell it was my mouth.  I love the people there; they are so caring, happy and wonderful to be around.”  You truly can’t wait to come back.


Paul B.
“Having suffered from “Dental Phobia” since a child, I know find it non-stressful to visit the dentist; specifically “Leading Edge Dental” for treatment.  I sincerely appreciate the professionalism, high quality dental care which Dr. Vaziri and his entire team provides.  Dr. Vaziri and his staff truly epitomize the highest standards of service oriented, efficient, patient centered care and I have nothing but the highest praise for the whole team.

These people are the most professional can caring people I have ever had the opportunity to meet and as a bonus, I now have a whole new group of friends.”

Grand Island, FL

Ray S.
What a wonderful feeling to be able to eat without having problems.  After the mini implant surgery the teeth are firm and have not come loose at anytime.  I can smile and laugh without loose teeth. Everyone in the office always has and continues to do their well, and you are treated like royalty there. I would recommend that anyone that has dental problem with their teeth should visit “Leading Edge Dental” for all their dental work.

Mt Dora, FL

Ray V.
“I came to Dr. Ali Vaziri with a broken lower partial denture and two broken teeth.  My mouth was in bad shape.  By the time he was done with me, I had 14 permanent teeth and caps for the uppers.  I have four mini implants placed with a lower denture attached to them..  My mouth now has 28 sparkling, fully functional teeth.  My teeth function just like the ones that the good Lord gave me and it was done without pain and great professionalism.  I would recommend Dr. Vaziri and this procedure to anyone”

Paisley, FL

Robert N.
“It’s a Miracle!!! “Dr. Vaziri and staff have done what I didn’t think was possible. He gave me my smile back! I haven’t felt this good in years, and I’m eating better too. It’s been a win-win solution and I am very happy with the results.” Thank you Dr Vaziri and Staff!!”

Tavares, FL

Robert S.
“I use to be old.  Now I can eat everything from corn on the cob, apples, and raw carrots.  Give it to me I can chew it. Before I had wire partials that moved a lot.  I now have a precision fit, no problems.  3 years later and they still fit like new, and no seeds underneath. I am very pleased with my new smile at 83 years old, I eat like a teenager”

Leesburg, FL

Rochelle M.
Why did I go to Dr. Vaziri to check out implants?  “Desperation!!”

I had massive bone loss.  I could not keep my lower denture in without adhesive and even that didn’t work well. After reading an article about adhesives and their dangers, I knew I couldn’t keep using adhesives. Dr. Vaziri was competent, sympathetic, and he had the answer! “Mini Dental Implants” The procedure was painless.  I can now eat anything I want.  Was it expensive? Yes.  Was it worth it? YES!!!!  Would I do it again ABSOLUTELY!  And I recommend it to anyone who wears lower dentures.”

Leesburg, FL

Samuel C.
“I had a great experience with the cosmetic procedures I had done.  The staff and Dr. Vaziri were very knowledgeable and compassionate.”

Sumterville, FL

Suzannne M.
“Having my teeth extracted years ago was very devastating to me. They removed a lot of bone on my lower jaw and I was never able to use my lower denture. Time and time again I went to different dentists and was told nothing could be done for me because of my bone loss. I felt very hopeless. For all those years, there were so many things I could not eat, due to not being able to use my lower denture. It was embarrassing to go out with friends for dinner. I was very limited to what I could eat and I always had to keep my head down while I ate, so hopefully no one would notice I didn’t have any bottom teeth. It was also very hard to laugh or smile, for fear that everyone would notice I didn’t have bottom teeth. I kept this secret for 12 years. Dr. Vaziri and his entire staff are so caring, wonderful and friendly. Everything was thoroughly explained to me about the implant procedure. I loved that it was a painless procedure. Smiling Forever.”

Leesburg, FL

Tom P.
“I have always been afraid of going to the dentist until I came to Dr. Vaziri.  He and his staff made my dental experience one that I will always be thankful for.  After major dental work was completed I no longer have any pain when I eat and I can enjoy eating once again.  Thank you again to you and your staff”

Leesburg, FL

Mary F.
“I waited years to have my smile back.  I love to smile, and now I am not ashamed of having photos taken of me.  I can hardly wait to show off my smile at my family gatherings.”

Tavares, FL

Evelyn S.
“One by one I was losing my bottom teeth, breaking off at the gum line.  Dr. Vaziri extracted all the roots and place mini implants in to hold my teeth.  I truly never felt any pain or discomfort during the procedure. I truly thank the gentle hands of Dr. Vaziri and his knowledge in dentistry, and his entire professional staff.”

Lakes of Leesburg, FL

Robert F.
“I had trouble with my lower dentures for several years, i.e. floating around, getting food under the denture, sore spots.etc… that goes along with lower dentures. I had the mini dental implants placed and what a remarkable difference!!! I am now and was immediately after the procedure totally satisfied with the results.  I highly recommend the procedure!”

Wildwood, FL

Judy R.
“I’m writing to prospective clients on how happy I am with my dental implants and teeth.

I was a mess and unable to eat due to ill fitting dentures.  When the implants were suggested I had reservations, but I trusted Dr. Vaziri. Leading Edge is the best, Dr. Vaziri and his staff are compassionate, and caring.  I feel like my teeth and implants feel like my own teeth.  I can eat like anyone else. I highly recommend this procedure and his services.”

Yalaha, FL

Wm M.
“I have see 2 dentists over the last 20 years, and spent over $15,000, and they were not able to help me at all with keeping my lower denture in and keeping me out of pain. I came to Leading Edge Dental for a consult on mini implants and that very same day I had my lower teeth stabilized with the mini implants.  I ate anything I wanted with no trouble that night.  My dentures were tight and felt good for the first time in years”

Leesburg, FL

Ken J.
“My experience at Leading Edge Dental has been the best of any dental work in my life.  The staff and Dr. Ali have been professional, but also like good friends.  I have had dentures for over 40 years and this is by far the best and most comfortable fitting and feeling I have had when eating and being around people.  The implants that I received have allowed me to eat and enjoy foods I have avoided for year.  Because of my confidence in Leading Edge Dental, I do not hesitate to recommend their services to my close friends and neighbors.  Anyone I have sent to Leading Edge Dental has come back to me and said how pleased they were with the services of this office.”

The Villages, FL

Marilyn W.
“For many years I lived with ill fitting dentures which severely altered my lifestyle.  I couldn’t talk or smile properly for fear the dentures would shift or the denture cream would ooze out and the dentures would slip.  I couldn’t enjoy eating as many foods as they would get under my denture, the cream would disappear.  I constantly thought about the denture; it became the elephant in the room.  The quality of my life had severely deteriorated.  In the fall of 2012 I saw Dr. Vaziri and the procedure took one day, they used my dentures and I was on my way to a new life.  My lower denture is now secure and I am once again smiling and engaged with people.  I am able to eat many foods I love again without fear and embarrassment. Dr. Vaziri and all his staff at Leading Edge Dental were very professional, informative and very comforting from beginning to end.  Leading Edge Dental gave me my life back!”

Leesburg, FL

Pat D.
“Dr. Vaziri and staff I would to commend you on your workmanship and professionalism.  Prior to getting my implants (approx. 2 years ago) I walked around with a mouth full of Fixodent.  I found it difficult to eat certain foods for fear that my teeth would fall out.  I don’t have to worry about that today, I can eat anything I want with the assurance that they won’t come out. Thank you again!!”

Fruitland Park, FL